Monday, April 2, 2012


Oh silly March why did you have to go by so fast? Let's see how these resolutions are going. Once again here is a refresher:

1. Read more books. Now that I am out of school I can read the books that I never had time for. My goal is two a month.
2. Get outside more. Simple enough I just need to do it.3. Eat healthier. More veggies. Less soda and junk.4. Get active again. I need to find a fun way to stay in shape that wont drive me crazy.5. Spend less money on small things. Spend more money on big things. (like trips!)

How good/horrible did I do?
1. I only read the one bookclub book and about 3 fashion magazines.
2. Umm... I don't know about this one.
3. I have been eating way healthier. Yeah girl!
4. I went fishing! Does that count? I was sore for two days after fishing. I have been walking around tons more at work.
5. Boom. Yes I haven't been able to spend money because I have been saving it for our new apartment!

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