Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Photo of the day number twenty-five.
My friend Megan makes amazing scarfs out of old T-Shirts so I attempted to make out and I used the sleeves for headbands! Check out her page!

Photo of the day number twenty-six.
Alki with my love Amber!

Photo of the day number twenty-seven.
Photobooth with Megan on our run through the mall on our way to the Hunger Games!

Photo of the day number twenty-eight.
Night at the Casino!

Photo of the day number thirty.
Spent the day fishing with my Dad! Great day!!!

Photo of the day number thirty-one.
Sick. Welcome to my life for the week.

Photo of the day number thirty-two.
Luckily I have this cute guy to cuddle when I am sick.

Did you notice that I did not have a photo for day number twenty-nice? Oops!


  1. How was the movie?? I still need to read the other books, I was disappointed when I realized I couldn't find them in the Apple store for my iPad...

  2. love your pictures!! and that headband is amazing :) i want one!!!! i am going to post our picture page on my blog now :) and link back here of course! love you and feel better!!!