Thursday, April 26, 2012


Okay, lets be honest for a little while. I could make excuses I could blame it on the move, but there is no one to blame for only have 5 photos of the day for 13 days. Worst part is that I have no idea what day I took them on. Oh well can only go up from here!

Photo of the day ???
This wall is right outside my office. PERFECT spot for future photoshoots.

Photo of the day ??
I made this photo as big as possible so you could see what awesomeness is just a block from my work. Yup, that is right a PSYCHIC BARBER. A two for one deal! Will someone please go here and let me tag along.

Photo of the day ????
I go to El Chupacabra on Alki so often that I have almost run out of things to take photos of. Here is a groovy lamp. I love the color! Dom and I can be considered "regulars" now. They know exactly what we order when we walk in. 

Photo of the day ???
We finally got all of our stuff moved in and I received a call that there was a vintage formica table two blocks down hill from us. So instead of being intelligent I decided to walk, and luckily I have a trooper of a boyfriend/roomate and he tagged along with me. Once I decided that the table was the love of my life we realized we had to walk it up hill for 2 extremely long blocks. I am glad Dan was there to provide comic relief for this situation otherwise I would have been a cranky mess. At least it wasn't raining!

Photo of the day ??????
Just when you think there are no more photo opportunities at El Chupacabra life gives you one. Please note Dom in the background blocking the wind from popping my bubble.

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