Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Everyone has different products that they use 
and I thought that I would share a few of my absolute favorites.

I got my Clarisonic for Christmas and my skin has drastically improved since then.
 I try and use this bad boy most nights before bed. 
I use it with this:
Such a great product to use with our without a Clarisonic. 
The texture is freakishly smooth.

Clinique clarifying lotion is an addiction of mine. 
I use it daily especially in the harsh winter months.
I have tried out so many different facial lotions and nothing has compared to this Kiehl's one. No matter how much I use my face never feels sticky and a little goes a long way. LOVE.
On bad weeks I use this mask from Origins. I always feel so fresh after I use it and my skin clears up really fast after I use it. Out of all of these this is the product that I have used the longest.
Last but not least floss picks. I am such a lazy flosser. I put a bag of these by my shower and floss while I am in the shower. I love hot showers and any excuse to stay in a little longer is fine by me. If you find that you tend to not floss enough you should try flossing in the shower.

What is your favorite product?

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  1. I hear such great things about Kiehl's - never tried it! I'm obsessed with Philosophy products :)