Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Photo of the day number twenty-five.
My friend Megan makes amazing scarfs out of old T-Shirts so I attempted to make out and I used the sleeves for headbands! Check out her page!

Photo of the day number twenty-six.
Alki with my love Amber!

Photo of the day number twenty-seven.
Photobooth with Megan on our run through the mall on our way to the Hunger Games!

Photo of the day number twenty-eight.
Night at the Casino!

Photo of the day number thirty.
Spent the day fishing with my Dad! Great day!!!

Photo of the day number thirty-one.
Sick. Welcome to my life for the week.

Photo of the day number thirty-two.
Luckily I have this cute guy to cuddle when I am sick.

Did you notice that I did not have a photo for day number twenty-nice? Oops!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Jewels.

This past sunday my Grandma had my 3 girl cousins and me over to go through her old jewelry.
First of all what girl wouldn't say yes to that.
It was wonderful. I have the best cousins and the best Grandma. 
We had a very nice girls day.

Here are some photos of my loot:
Can you find Nelson?
What a trouble maker.
And some close ups:
These remind me of the Flinstones. The color goes perfectly with a dress that I have from Modcloth.
Perfect for Husky games.
Totally am going to use this bad boy as a belt and a headband.
Can you think of anything else to use it for?
Who can resist bird jewelry?
Obviously not me.
Love. Love. Love this necklace.

I think we are going to plan a girlie sleepover. How fun!

P.S. Watch "Hugo" cutest movie that I have seen in a long time!


Photo of the day number twenty-three.
My grandma has all of us girl cousins over and I ended up with this fabulous scarf! I love it and how I looked like a flight attendant this weekend.

Photo of the day number twenty-four.
I wore this today!
Necklace: Nordstroms, Top: UO, Dress: H&M, Leggings: Nordstroms, and Boots: Nordstroms.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


This weekend I went on a lovely day trip to the Seattle Art Museum.
Love this fabric on an old Kimono.

After the museum we went to Chandlers and I ate truffle fries. Which is two of my favorite things combined. Truffle oil and french fries equal deliciousness.


Photo of the day number seventeen.
Photo of the day number eighteen.
Photo of the day number nineteen.
Photo of the day number twenty.
Photo of the day number twenty-one.
Photo of the day number twenty-two.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tonight we went to Loretta's Northwesterner to celebrate our friend Cody's Birthday.
Lorettas is a cool little bar in South Seattle. 
I had delicious food that is horrible for me, 
and of course a Rainer.
Dom and Cody!
I love that her hair and his hat match.
I love this lamp that was on our table.
I wish I could have taken it home.
It was snowing on our way home so I forced Dan to stop and take a photo with me.
I love it when the weather does crazy things.

Cody and I are obsessed with the show Community so I posted this on his "wall" today.
I hope that a few of you are Community fans so you understand how amazing this is.


Let's just say that I am going through a red phase.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Photo of the day number sixteen.

Lady Things.

We all need them and unfortunately they all come in ugly boxes.
This craft makes it possible for your tampons to be in a convenient location but not in a hideous box.
First find a jar like this.
Cut a strip that will fit as a tube in the jar.
 Use a fun bright piece of thread to sew the two ends together.
It will look like this:
If you want to make more than one jar mix up the colors.

Put the felt tubes inside of the jar.
Make some tags and tie them onto your jars.
Finally some fancy storage for your "lady things".

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Photo of the day number fourteen.
My friend Holly with her new friend.

Photo of the day number fifteen.
I made this headband today. I can't wait to wear it!


On saturday I went to Anacortes with a lovely group of girls.
Each of these wonderful girls has a blog that you should check out!

We spent the day walking around and hitting up antique stores.
It was a delightfully rainy day.
For lunch we went here:

My finds for the day were:

I have big girly plans for the mason jars which I am sure I will blog about soon.
The strawberry jam jar was too cute to resist.
The table cloth will hopefully push me to go on more picnics this summer,
and the milk jar is just for random odds and ends.
Of course Nelson became jealous when I wasn't taking a photo of him that I had to let him in.