Monday, April 2, 2012


Well after a week of coughing and a weekend of having awful pain in my ribs I finally went to the DR.
Bronchitis and bruised ribs from the coughing.
The doctor has ordered no exercise and plenty of rest for a week.

Sooo... I now declare this week LAZY WEEK.
Here are a few things that my lazy week will include:
TV! In all reality I will be watching it on my computer but this image is so much cuter. I have so many shows to catch up on. 
My FAVORITE blanket that I bought at target a few years ago. So cozy.

Magazines! Marie Claire and InStyle are my favorites!

Kool Aid always makes me feel better (I am currently drinking some right now).
Pictures that are not included in my week of lazy:
Cuddling Nelson
Cuddling Daniel
NOT packing for our move in 13 days
TMI- but no bra this week because it hurts my ribs
Delicious snacks all day long
and most importantly sleep!

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