Thursday, January 31, 2013


I recently traveled down to Portland with my two best buddies, and purchased one of those five year diary things (you write one sentence a day). I thought that I would like it once I was older to look back and see all the cool things that I did. Unfortunately after a week of writing in it I have quickly realized that I am not that exciting. So here is to forcing more exciting things to happen in my life. Cheers.

Since I haven't blogged in FOREVER a few exciting things have happened in my life.
Nelson and I have fallen deeper in love. (look up we are recreating one daniel and i took years ago)

I went to Hawaii with my groovy family. Can I move there?
I got to know my brothers cat Manny a little better than I did before. Even though he can catch treats in the air does not mean he is better than Nelson. Nelson is perfect.

Seriously though a big thanks to Liz Lemon for the word blerg. I feel like I have been saying it constantly lately.