Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Jewels.

This past sunday my Grandma had my 3 girl cousins and me over to go through her old jewelry.
First of all what girl wouldn't say yes to that.
It was wonderful. I have the best cousins and the best Grandma. 
We had a very nice girls day.

Here are some photos of my loot:
Can you find Nelson?
What a trouble maker.
And some close ups:
These remind me of the Flinstones. The color goes perfectly with a dress that I have from Modcloth.
Perfect for Husky games.
Totally am going to use this bad boy as a belt and a headband.
Can you think of anything else to use it for?
Who can resist bird jewelry?
Obviously not me.
Love. Love. Love this necklace.

I think we are going to plan a girlie sleepover. How fun!

P.S. Watch "Hugo" cutest movie that I have seen in a long time!


  1. So fun! I love going through my grandma's jewelry. When I saw the blue woven number, I immediate thought camera strap...if you have a big dslr or something. Enjoy all of your new goodies!

    1. I am just about to buy a dslr! Perfect idea!! I can't wait to use it like that now.