Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Every vacation must come to an end.
We had such a fantastic time in Kansas and I seriously cannot wait to go back.
We went out there to surprise Dan's dad for his 60th birthday. He was so shocked to see all of his kids.
The next night he had a surprise birthday at his record store Vinyl Renaissance.
We made these great name tags for the party out of old 45's. What a fun idea!

The Phillips/Grogan gang plus me!

Completely Dan's idea.

Who wouldn't want to party with a life-sized cardboard cut out of themselves?

Everytime we go to Kansas I want to move there. It was actually warmer in Kansas than in Seattle, and the sun was out all weekend. When we came home it was cold and grey. Post vacation blues. However I am inspired to shape my life so it makes me just as happy as vacation.

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  1. Do it, move to Kansas! Then we can be neighbors...