Saturday, February 25, 2012


Twenty-three was a fantastic year for me.
I was able to nanny the most amazing little girl ever. I saw her turn two, and grow up so fast. I couldn't be happier that she is still in my life and I am still able to spend time with her. I just received the most glittery and beautifully painted birthday card from her.
I moved in with my boyfriend Dan while I was 23. We currently live in a 3 bedroom apartment in Issaquah with our roomate Courtney. We will be moving in April to West Seattle. Living with Dan has been fantastic I am so glad we decided to do it. The photo above is me driving a huge truck hauling all our furniture. Not going to lie I felt like a badass.
I graduated from the University of Washington. I loved my two years at UW. I met one of my most inspiring friends Amber. We spent two years doing independent studies and pushing the limits of making our education our own. We created a webisode series, a video game blog, and tons of crazy memories.
I fell in love with fishing. I don't love the part where I have to wake up early but it is worth it to be able to spend time with my Dad and brother doing something that is so much fun.

The summer of my 23rd year I went to Chicago/Grand Rapids to visit my brother. I loved Chicago it was such a fun city. I traveled with Holly and we had such a good time. Our first day in the city we went to Lollapalooza which was overwhelming but overall a great time. It was great to spend the time with my brother and I was so jealous by the way he has decorated his house. I loved it.
I went to Kansas (twice). I was able to meet even more of Dan's family the second time we went. I always love our trips to Kansas and I can't wait for our next trip!
I got my first big girl job in September. Working 9-5 everyday has been a completely new experience for me. I am so fortunate to be working for a great company with fantastic coworkers!
Last but certainly not least, Dan and I added a member to our little family! Nelson is the best little kitty and I can't believe how much I already love him. I have never had a lap cat before and I could snuggle him all day long.

I hope 24 is just as fabulous as 23!


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