Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Okay, it is the last day of February here is my 2012 monthly resolution check in. A refresher of my new years resolutions:

1. Read more books. Now that I am out of school I can read the books that I never had time for. My goal is two a month.

2. Get outside more. Simple enough I just need to do it.
3. Eat healthier. More veggies. Less soda and junk.
4. Get active again. I need to find a fun way to stay in shape that wont drive me crazy.
5. Spend less money on small things. Spend more money on big things. (like trips!)

and the results...
1. Ugh halfway through the month I actually thought about how I was doing bad on this one, and I still didn't get it done. I read half of catch-22 and less than half of The Orphan Masters Son. I read in-style if that counts for anything.
2. Nope... I think this will be better once we move. I know I know just putting it off. Fact is I didn't do it.
3. Yes! I think I have been doing much better on this one (minus the pizza I had for dinner)
4. I went dancing and danced so long that it hurt to walk for FOUR days, and I have been getting up and doing things around the office at work rather than sitting all day.
5. I went to Kansas yay! I think I have been doing better about this one too.

I can do better! Motivational March is just around the corner, and that is so much better than Failure February. :)

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