Thursday, December 8, 2011


After years of picking this book up and forgetting about it I finally finished it.
It is a must read for everyone. I can't believe that it took me this long! 
I love that the majority of this book took place in Detroit.
Having been there once really helped me visualize the setting.

My trip to Detroit took place a few years ago. My Mom, Dad, and I went there to visit my brother.
This is a photo of Detroit's old train station. I can't even imagine how beautiful this building would have looked back when it was operating. When we were standing out front of this building taking photos a homeless man jumped out of the bush next to me, and chased me all the way back to my brothers car (This happened while I was still recovering from the flu). Luckily my family was already in the car and we all made a quick getaway.
In the middle of miles and miles of empty, and broken down houses there is street of art! All of the house were painted crazy like the one above, and the yards had different things going on in them. The picture above looked to be a vacuum graveyard. The street was a little spooky, but also a nice breath of fresh air.

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