Sunday, December 4, 2011

Melted away!

I finally attempted a craft that I have been dying to do for a long time. 
What you need is a canvas or foam poster board, crayons, and a hair dryer.
Peel all of the crayons. Your fingers might hurt, but trust me it is worth it.
Next glue the crayons to the foam board.(It is even prettier if you make a rainbow!)
Finally you just blow dry it until it begins to melt! 
This project was so much fun, and it only cost $5.00.


  1. Cool!!! P.S. My brother bought me that print you have for my birthday :)

  2. Oh I am so glad! That print makes me so happy. It will look perfect in your place.

  3. Hey Lauren! Just saw that you have a blog. I too, have been wanting to do this craft. SO fun! Pinterest? ;)

  4. Hi Sarah! Great to see your blog. I actually haven't been on Pinterest yet. I really need to though!

  5. Yeah, it's pretty addicting, so proceed with caution. ;) Hope you Heinos have a lovely Christmas!