Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Things are changing at my favorite home away from home so I thought I would do a post of my favorite Thenos Dairy memories.
LeRoy's world famous epiphany.
Sarah and I teaching Doug to do the "sorority squat".

Dressing up with Jeff and Libby at Midnite Madness!

Haley when she was just a little baby, and worker bee David in the background.

Our little "family". Haley looks so comfy.

Sandy and I. :)

This was taken two days ago at a Thenos Dairy reunion.

Sarah and I!

The notorious cow boots!

Some of the girls and I are thinking about getting Ice Cream cone tattoos or something to remember how fantastic our time here was. 

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  1. Carter found an old picture from the Summer that we had taken of him at Theno's. He said, "Hey...I liked that place. Can we go back there soon?" Heck yes! Must have been a fun place to work!