Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, January is practically over and to make sure that I follow through with my resolutions I am going to do a monthly check in. Here are the 5 resolutions that I made on January 1st:

1. Read more books. Now that I am out of school I can read the books that I never had time for. My goal is two a month.
2. Get outside more. Simple enough I just need to do it.
3. Eat healthier. More veggies. Less soda and junk.
4. Get active again. I need to find a fun way to stay in shape that wont drive me crazy.
5. Spend less money on small things. Spend more money on big things. (like trips!)
Here is my month end follow up for each item:
1. Done. I read 3.5 books this month. 
2. I played in the snow a few times, and went on a few more walks. I could do a lot better.
3. I have been eating tons more veggies. I have cut soda out, except for when I am out to dinner.
4. Haven't improved here that much, except less sitting.
5.I bought a plane ticket if that counts for anything.
Mr.Nelson's post-lunch nap.

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