Monday, October 24, 2011

Long time no blog!

I am back! I got a big girl job, and I am finally settled back into life so I can blog once again. These past few months have definitely been quite the ride. Switching from being a student/nanny to working a 9-5 has been easier than I expected, but time seems to fly by way too fast. I cannot believe its almost November. When did that happen?

This weekend I finally got around to hanging things on our bedroom walls. (Thank you target for cheap frames!) The tree print is my absolute favorite. This is what it looks like close up.
I found it HERE!
I love that I am finally finding my decorating groove. I was drowning in shabby chic for far too long. I have fallen in love with sharp corners and shapes. 
I got this piece in Kirkland this summer on sale for $20. I was thrilled! The bookshelf it is sitting on use to be a lovely pink shabby chic piece, but no more pink hooray!
That is all for now!

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